Trees and bushes for birds – Give them confidence to approach your garden

trees and bushes for birds
A backdrop of Oak trees, Silver bushes and lower hedge and bush cover makes a poerfect approach for wild birds

 Like all wild animals, birds are very cautious when they approach a garden feeding station.  By sheer luck I managed to create a perfect layout in the corner of the garden with trees and bushes for birds.

It provides them with the confidence and protection that they need to make a safe approach and speedy exit if required.

My Garden layout

My house backs onto a small lane which is tree lined with mature oaks and beech trees.  In the garden I have three established silver birches plus a Christmas tree that I planted many years ago after the kids wouldn’t let me throw it out.

I also have a thich eight foor tall evergreen hedge on the north corner behind a raised bed.  I planted Ribes Sanguineum (red flowering currant)  and another bush (name lost in the mists of time!). These have merged, over time into quite an expanse. 

Intermingled in this bush are several fruiting briars which birds also like to eat.  The birds absolutely love the cover as it provides shelter, food in autumn and is perfect for them to hide in and watch.

All this is the backdrop to a side lawn lawn. This is where I set out several feeding tables, a feeding station and ground feeder plus a bird bath.

attracting birds to your garden
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I have noticed is that birds watch from the oak trees, then transfer to the silver birches.   After that then descend to the bushes where they can watch and wait.  This transition can take quite a while until they feel safe enough to venture out for a bite to eat.

I find it amazing how when I put food and water out there is a flock feeding withn a minute or two. 

They must sit in the oaks with binoculars and fly straight in!  It is getting to be like a drive in diner for birds.

On the down side there are other little critters up in the oaks who also watch.  I love squirrels but when they start feeding they don’t know when to stop. 

I have worked out their ‘flight path’ into the barden and pout out a squirrel feeding box along the route. 

It doesn’t stop them entirely from helping themselves to the bird feed but it has definitely helped.

Invest in some trees and bushes for birds

If you want to see more birds coming into your garden is it lacking in ‘staging posts’?   Trees, hedges and bushes for them to approach cautiously. It would be a great investment to plant trees and bushes if you have the space. 

wild bird food feeders
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The other bonus is nesting birds. I now have birds making homes in the hedges and we have robins, thrushes and sparrows taking up residence. 

It is a sheer joy to watch them feeding their littlun’s in spring.

If you would like to see more advice on attracting birds into your garden see our american Correspondant Laura Lee Hathaway’s article here…