Pet Dog Choices – 5 Top Rated Dog Breed Books

pet dog cartoonIf you’re thinking about adopting or buying a pet dog, read the best dog breed book you can get your hands on. Man has never had a more faithful companion than a pet dog.

Finding the most compatible dog that fits into your lifestyle is important. Before you pick out your next pet, learn about the different breeds of dogs and their characteristics. There’s nothing more heart breaking than rejecting a dog after he thinks he’s found his forever home.

Dog breed personalities differ as much as humans do. Get the right information on different breeds of dogs before deciding to adopt. It will save you time, money, and heartache.  So let’s take a look at the best dog breed book to be found in the following choices.

The Dog Encyclopedia 

Every dog owner should have an encyclopedia of dog breeds book.

This book is loaded with full color photos and tons of information on different breeds of dogs.

Breed names and traits, grooming care, training tips, and anatomy are covered along with lots of other dog data.

You’ll learn how to pick a dog breed that fits into your family and lifestyle based on hair length, facial features, instincts, and temperament.

Over 400 hundred profiles discuss every dog breed with pictures, traits, and how the breeds are used such as herd dogs.

Basic training techniques are covered as well as exercise, playtime, and breeding tips.

A section on canine healthcare shows you how to identify potential problems and when a visit to the Vet is needed.

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Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds 

If you’re a perspective dog owner, this dog breed book is the perfect introduction to the canine world. Dog categories by breed as recognized by the American Kennel Club are laid out with beautiful full-color photos.

Dog breed personalities, physical traits, and behaviors of over 150 breeds are organized by category for easy reference.

Full of advice to help prospective pet dog owners choose the right puppy, it’s bursting with helpful information about breeds of dogs that could make a wonderful pet.

Health, life longevity, child compatibility, and behaviors are discussed.  It will help inform you about different breeds of dogs and their characteristics, so choosing a family pet dog will be a fun and happy experience.

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The award-winning author and photographer of this dog breed book has captured the true beauty of the canine in these legendary photos.

Dog lovers of all ages will enjoy the stunning full-sized color photos of a myriad of dog breeds. Between the pages you’ll find amazing photos of different breeds of dogs and their characteristics.

Show dogs and shelter dogs are profiled. Pure bred and mixed mutts are showcased which spotlight their perfect posture and playful antics.

While there isn’t much canine data, the author succeeds in capturing dog behaviors and characteristics with amazing photography. A great gift for the young or old, this book is a beautiful collection of wild, witty, and amazing dogs.

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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds 

Use this dog breed book as a tool to learn how to pick a dog breed. True to its name, this encyclopedia overflows with information on different breeds of dogs and their characteristics accompanied by color photos.

Learn the breed name and physical traits of purebreds as well as mixed dogs.

A comprehensive history of dogs, anatomy, breed standards, psychology, and working modes of each breed is neatly presented by group.

It’s a remarkable dog breed guide with pictures that dog lovers of any age will enjoy.

Organized in group order, it discusses herding, hounds, terriers, working, non-sporting, toy, and gundog’s breeds. At-a-glance tip boxes provide quick care instructions for each profiled dog.

If you don’t know how to pick a pet dog that will make your life complete, this book is an incredible teaching tool.

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The Complete Dog Breed Book 

Ranging from common to exotic breeds, this book is a colossal resource of canine information.

Grooming, training, dog care, temperament, health tips, and much more information on different breeds of dogs are found here.

It’s an amazing dog breed guide with pictures profiling 420 breeds.

Think you know how to pick a dog breed that’s right for you?

Test your knowledge with included quizzes and a QA chart at the back of the book. It provides an informative overview of most breeds with a double-page layout for the more popular ones.

Breeds are listed by group as each breed has important information listed with its specific photo. Food, behavior, socializing, and rewarding good behavior are fully discussed.

Head shapes, ear types, coat variations, and breed origin provide insight to picking the right breed.

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Which is the best dog breed book the chose the best pet dog for you?

There are lots of dog breed books about  that contain different types of information. You need to know how to pick a dog breed that has specific qualities that will help him fit into your lifestyle.

Adopting your favorite pooch will be an exhilarating experience once you know the type of dog you’re looking for.

The Complete Dog Breed Book  contains substantial information about a lengthy list of breeds. You’re bound to learn a thing or two about the different breeds of dogs and their characteristics from this book.

If you’re already a dog owner or need the perfect gift for one, then Dogs is an excellent choice. The whimsical photographs are breathtaking as they pull at your heart strings.

Before you get a pet dog, do a little research. Decide how much information you need to make an informed decision to choose the right dog. Find that perfect pooch that makes your life complete as much as you complete his.

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